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ISO 9001 – Quality with System

We once again demonstrated that our company meets the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 on May 8, 2015.

Certificate ISO9001 Östling Marking Systems GmbH

The competitiveness of a company in the international market place is determined by the quality of its processes. A quality management system is an efficient tool for dealing with all quality demands and facing a modern, innovative company.

Productivity and price were critical factors for the success of a company in the past. Nowadays in addition to innovation skills, uniqueness, learning ability, a well thought out product or service program, the flexible adaptation to ever changing market conditions and client requirements are the highest of quality standards demanded from modern companies.

Companies with a quality management system can easily fulfill these considerable challenges. A system, tailored to the needs of the company, forms a basic, single component for the uniformity of modern management as a whole, through structured and clear processes and responsibilities. By implementing a quality management system all quality demands on the company can be taken into account.

Our company is a certified GS1 Solution Provider

Business is easier when you speak the same language as your customers, suppliers and partners. We all do things our own way. But although these differences help define an organisation’s identity, they can cause problems when we work together.

That’s where GS1 can help.

No matter what success looks like for you, being able to identify, capture and share information is vital to achieving it. Our standards provide a common language through which your organisation or business can do this.

We work with enterprises of all types and every imaginable size.

And although we believe in healthy competition, in some areas cooperation is more important. That philosophy directs how we’re structured and ensures we work together to agree standards that are right for our members

To understand more about GS1, learn how the barcode led to everything we do today.

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Östling is Approved HIBC Solution Provider

HIBC stands for ”Health Industry Bar Code” but HIBC is also a synonym for the association EHIBCC.
Behind HIBC stands the ”European Health Industry Business Communication Council” the non for profit membership assotiation for developing and maintaining HIBC standards for Automatic Data Capture.
EHIBCC was established in 1986 shortly after the US assotiation HIBCC. EHIBCC supports the European countries but also any user as customer of the EHIBCC members.

In liaison with other health care assotiations EHIBCC formed the Joined Working Group AIDC addressing solutions for requirements of users and legal entities for tracking and tracing medical devices and related processes. The activities include maintenance of the standards but also contributions to national and international bodies such as CEN, EC, FDA, GHTF, ISO, etc. The JWG AIDC sends experts as delegates to working groups for global harmonization of Barcode & RFID application standards. The achievement is that HIBC standards are part of the ISO standards enabling interoperability with any other standard under the umbrella of ISO.

HIBC standards today optimize global solutions to specific health care applications ensuring unique product identification, traceability and process safety on a worldwide base. HIBC solutions cover the whole supply chain from manufacturers to distribution, laboratory, hospital and up to the clinical practice. The methods of automatic data capture and communication supported are for achieving error-free processes with a view of two key success factors: efficiency and patient safety. EHIBCC is working closely together with professional organisations focusing on same targets bundeling the expertise and sharing the recources e.g. with BPI, BVD, EDIFICE, Eurodata Council, VDDI and others.

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HIBC – The Healtcare Barcode
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